Cutting Edge Technology in the Oppo F19S

Oppo F19S is a high performance smartphone which offers a host of value added features. The Oppo F19S features a 5.5 inch capacitive touchscreen display which looks great and sharp. The display has a resolution of 401 ppi. The handset runs on the ColorOS software platform, which means that this smartphone has the best quality viewing resolution of any smartphone in this segment. It also offers users enhanced functionality including multiple global navigation services, picture and media sharing, and business connectivity.

The Oppo F19S features a built in memory which allows it to save hundreds of songs, images and documents easily. This phone has a powerful chipset along with two gigabytes of RAM which allow it to perform to the fullest. Even with a huge hardware base, the Oppo F19S has been designed keeping in mind the individual needs of the consumers. The handset comes with a neat dual camera which offers a first person view. With the help of a user manual, you can even activate the secondary camera. The 6GB RAM of the Oppo F19S allows it to multitask very well.

The Oppo F19S has a unique multi functional screen which allows you to browse multiple web pages at one time without worrying about switching between the home page and the web pages. The device comes with a unique dual camera which has an automatic focus mechanism. The camera has an infrared camera as well which allows you to take photos of great quality. The Oppo F19S runs on a ColorOS operating system which means that this smartphone has the best quality viewing resolution of any smartphone in this segment.

The Oppo F19S has a neat features which allows you to send and receive SMS messages. Apart from this, you can also use this device to send email without worrying about poor quality mail delivery. You can enjoy this feature along with the 6GB RAM of this smartphone which enables you to enjoy the ultimate email experience. It offers you efficient Internet connectivity. Oppo F19S

The Oppo F19S price in India is not at all exorbitant when compared to other models in the similar category of this handset. This price tag of the Oppo F19S should come as a surprise to all as it is comparatively cheaper than the other mobiles in the same category. When compared to its competitors, it offers the same amount of facilities as its counterparts. There are several cell phone manufacturers in India who provide phones at attractive prices. But still there is hardly any manufacturer who can match up to the high standards which the Oppo F19S holds.

One of the reasons for the surprisingly low price of the Oppo F19S is that this device is made using advanced technology and equipments. Due to this, the manufacturing company India has been able to keep the price tag down to a reasonable level. The advanced network bandwidth provided by the processor of this handset has helped in keeping the prices down. The battery life in this device also helps in reducing the f 19s price to a great extent.

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