Vivo Y33s Smartphone Is the Best in the Market?

Coming into its own with the launch of its high-end Android smartphone the Vivo Y33s, the second generation in the ever-growing Google Android operating system is equipped with features that make it the perfect device for communication. The Vivo Y33s has been designed to offer users a highly efficient mobile operating system that allows it to run various different tasks and perform multiple functions thanks to a highly advanced user interface. These handsets are powered by an octa-core processor, which is coupled with two gigabytes of RAM, a 3 mega-pixel camera and runs on the popular Gingerbread and Honeycomb OS platform. To add, the device packs in a plethora of connectivity features such as Bluetooth 4.0, HSDPA, USB connectivity and WiFi. vivo y33s

The high quality Android operating system running on this smartphone from Vivo is powered by a powerful Adreno chip, which has several cutting edge features including the Vargo UI, Gesture sensor and dual camera support. The camera on the Vogue Y33s has a resolution of 13 megapixels and is capable of shooting videos in HD. Apart from this, users have the option of downloading Google Maps on the Vogue Y33s and many other Google Android apps such as Chrome, Gallery, docs and many more. The price of the handset is yet to be determined but users have the opportunity to buy vivo y33s on eBay at rock bottom prices. The eBay auction for the device is currently underway and is expected to close on the day of this article.

With the release of its second android smartphone, VEVA (Vivo) also launched a new colour option for its handset – Mirror Black. The phone comes in four different colour choices i.e. grey, blue, gold and red. The grey and gold coloured versions are priced at lower rates and are therefore ideal for budget conscious consumers. However, users can opt for other colour options from VEVA if they are looking to buy a high quality yet stylish smartphone.

The VEVA Orica Flip has an impressive set of hardware consisting of a physical keyboard and a large, clear capacitive multi-touch display, which give users the opportunity to use their smartphones as a personal desktop PC. As compared to the iPhone and HTC Evo, the VEVA Flip has a bigger, higher and wider screen which makes it easier for users to browse the web and enjoy the rich text experience that Vine offers. In addition to this, the handset comes with 6.58inch capacitive multi-touch screen which has a smooth and crisp texture. Apart from browsing, the Orica Flip can also be used as a clock, calculator and contact lens. It has a slot for both SIM cards, which enables users to integrate their current network service provider.

The VEVA Flip has a unique physical keyboard, which features two large buttons which can be easily accessed using a finger. The dual screen size of the video 5g allows users to view the contents of their email in landscape or portrait mode. To increase user control, the handset comes with a dedicated home button which can be easily accessed using a tap. The physical keyboard also features a large, fully responsive multi-touch screen which makes it easy for users to navigate between applications.

Like the Vine, the HTC Evo has a single camera in the form of the HTC EvoHD, which is capable of recording videos and pictures in Full HD. When compared to the Flip, the HTC Evo has a slightly bigger screen size, which means that users can enjoy better image quality. With a pair of cameras, users can enjoy the opportunity to document all their activities including those which may include outdoor sports, travels and holidays. The internal storage of the HTC Evo is adequate for users who need a large amount of memory.

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